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            1. Company Profile

              Shanghai HuaYi is engaged in washing equipment production, development and sales of professional enterprise, long-term since accumulated rich experience, has the abundant independent technology development ability and infrastructure, is to research and development the oil environmental protection, pce fully enclosed dry cleaners automatic zero discharge of the dry cleaners, washing machine, automatic washing offline, dryer, pressing equipment, industrial washing machine, industrial dryer, pressed machine and so on one hundred DuoZhong specifications of the products, the products not only can provide all kinds of advanced products for the dry cleaner, more hotel, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, army, XiRan plant offers one-stop equipment and technical training. The company after the probation integrity, no price fraud, to pursue outstanding creates the world brand as own duty, sincerely look forward to and have an entrepreneurial ideal partner of create wealth together to achieve a win-win situation. Summarized the successful experience make company series entrepreneurs to the smallest input for a maximum profit, create the Chinese own international the first brand.

              All rights reserved:SHANGHAI HUAYI WASHING MACHINERY CO.,LTD Website:www.koikurozu.com/EN
              TEL:021-57510298 Fax:021-57527568 Email:huayixidi@163.com
              Address:No. 9269, Chuannanfeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai Zip Code:201411